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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Social Babyfly

Zeke's 10 days with Farmor:
- first museum visit to SF Cameraworks (Torsten's video installation)
- visit to SF Moma
- a visit from Auntie Heather
- shopping at the Alameda Antique Faire
- first visit to Pixar
- attended baby group (new parents at Day One)
- a couple of trips to Japantown
- dinner with Auntie Aly
- visit from Uncle Matt to make new art cards
- ferry ride to Sausalito
- meeting a French tv crew at Caroline's studio during the Art Explosion show
- first overnight trip to Calistoga with the Mason/Charman family
- floating in a heated Olympic size pool
- a stroll in Yountville peeking in at Thomas Keller's restaurants
- a dinner party with Uncle Torsten (Chris's brother)

Zenas rolled with the entire program. Chris says he's a ladykiller (particularly with the over 70 set) wherever he goes. Z remains pretty easygoing: can handle meeting a lot of people, doesn't mind tagging along to crowded/noisy places, doesn't fuss as long as his needs are met, eats heartily, sleeps pretty much anywhere. A perfect angel according to his grandmother though we think she might be a bit biased.

He's fattening up nicely - we looked up growth charts, and he's in the 95th percentile for weight, but not height, meaning he's a bit portly. :) The "rubber bands" on his limbs are multiplying, and he's starting to sport clothes for 3month-olds. Hanne did ask me several times during her trip how exactly sumo wrestlers got so big, and looking back, maybe she was having a Freudian moment...

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