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Friday, November 12, 2010

parent tip #2

Zenas and I dropped by to visit Marit and Fio.
It was just past five o'clock when we arrived.
They didn't turn the lights on as the sky turned dark. Instead they enjoyed the light brought on by the change of day to night, until it was really hard to see.
They showed me their artwork. Marit had drawn a tiger and giraffe which Fio had painted--they were part of Fio's story that she made up.
We ate cookies made from farro (Fio kept reminding me of how many I had left because she had finished hers) and spontaneously Marit declared, "Dance Party!" and turned up the music. They danced with each other, they danced like bears, they danced in a circle around the blanket on the floor.
We all wore funny hats.
"We have a Dance Party every night," she said. "You are welcome back anytime."

Z and I hope to have as much fun at home as they do.

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